Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodation Request Protocol

1. The ACI Certification Department must be contacted directly by the candidate. If the Sponsoring Group (SG) is initially contacted by the candidate, the SG directs the candidate to contact the ACI Certification Department for instructions.

2. The ACI Certification Department instructs the candidate to obtain a letter/note from their physician verifying the need for accommodation and send the original (the candidate is instructed to retain a copy) to the ACI Certification Department; the letter/note must include:
      a. A diagnosis/description of the candidate’s medical condition
      b. Recommended accommodation(s) for the written and/or performance examination

3. The ACI Certification Department reviews the request, either accepting the recommended accommodation or formulating an alternative approach or accommodation.

4. The ACI Certification Department contacts the candidate to obtain acceptance of the accommodation.

5. The ACI Certification Department contacts the SG to arrange the accommodation.

6. The SG contacts the candidate with specific local registration and participation information.